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Area: 1065 km2
Population: 156,326 (2000)
City Traffic Code: 81
Western Black Sea, as the only surviving ancient city of Duzce, today's major administrative, economic and social developments in the way of always rise, many areas to ensure the development of the existing infrastructure, but as soon as possible after 17 August and 12 November 1999 earthquakes to kalkınabilmesi again, Dec. 9 81, 1999 City was.
The so-called rain forests forests of the beautiful highlands, Natural wonders and Güzeldere Samandere Falls, Efteni Bird Sanctuary, Hot Springs, Rivers and the Western Highlands and the only surviving ancient city of the Black Sea region Prusias - Konuralp Museum is not worth seeing.
Districts of Düzce, Akcakoca, Cumayerı, Çilimli, Gökyaka, Gümüşova, and Yığılca'dır Kaynasli.
Akcakoca: Akcakoca, the west of the Black Sea Region, the Department of the Western Black Sea.
35 km-long coastline of the district with a large and high quality beaches, crystal clear and clean sea, the Genoese Castle, Fakıllı Cave, and above all sincere and warm people make it the central fact that the city sought.
Golyaka: Golyaka district of Western Black Sea Region, within the boundaries of the western province of Duzce is located in the west end. Water resources and forests of the highlands Golyaka shows itself as a center of attraction.
Cumayerı: Duzce in the northwest province of Düzce Cumayerı district in December 1999 with being affiliated with this.
Çilimli: Çilimli is located in the western Black Sea region, east and south of the province of Duzce, west and north of the town of Cumayerı Akcakoca layer of fog in the plain of the town of Duzce in the winter months bulunmaktadır.Özellikle rastalınmamakta Çilimli and around the residential area so it is an ideal location as the.
Gümüşova: Town 18 km from the province of Duzce. Duzce is located adjacent to the plain. During periods of hunting counties, the Melen Stream fishing is free. District nuts, tea, plant tissue has a unique climate of the Black Sea, such as beech and walnut.
Kaynasli: Kaynasli, on the way to Istanbul and Ankara, Bolu, Düzce Ovası'yla junction of the Mount was founded in the throat.
Duzce earthquake occurred on 12 November 1999 has been razed to the ground Kaynasli. Long fault fractures and cracks formed the county 313 people were killed, 544 people of the North Anatolian Fault earthquake of November yaralanmıştır.12 Kaynaşlı'da fracture had ended. At the end of the fault in the most affected by the earthquake of November 12 so Kaynasli settlement. More than 90% of the buildings in the town was damaged.
Yiğilca: west to the town of Duzce province and Akcakoca, south to the town and the province of Bolu Kaynasli, the north district of Zonguldak province Alapli, east of Mengen district of Bolu province are surrounded by.
Duzce is located in the western Black Sea basin. East of Duzce, Bolu, Zonguldak province west of the Sakarya and is adjacent to the northeast. The altitude varies between 120-180 meters. The main rivers of the Great Melen River, Little River Melen, Asar Juice, Juice, and Ugur Aksu River.
There are very rich in vegetation and the appearance of green. Plain poplar, nuts and various fruit trees, high areas, beech, oak, fir, alder, pine trees has a rich forest areas. Also prone to steep in places with a high time constitutes a wide space opened in hazelnut orchards.
Despite the climate is hot summers and cold winters and to pass through the region, the Western Black Sea and Central Anatolian climate climate change between niteliğindedir.
The known history of Düzce BC Goes back to 1390 BC. In this time region, and numerous people have been exposed to the invasion of the State. Therefore, the environmental history before and after the Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations, bears the traces. Ottoman rule in the region, the transition was realized in 1323 by Orhan Bey, commander of the Konuralp.
17 August 1999 and 12 November 1999 Duzce earthquakes in the old district 1 and 6 by including a new Council of Ministers dated December 9, 1999 decision of the City Statute has been acquired.
Konuralp Museum: one of the ancient city of the Western Black Sea town of Duzce and intertwined with the ancient Roman city of Konuralp the "Prusias Name Hypium" was founded on. Konuralp Museum, 1825 archeological pieces, 456 ethnographic pieces, 3837 coins are in the works for a total of 6118 pieces. This works in the museum garden, archaeological, ethnographic, stone works are exhibited in rooms and coin compartments.
Museum Tel +90-380) 212 38 17
14 Mosque at Konuralp Konuralp century, was constructed in the known. One hundred years ago, restored and preserved until today by a person called Dılaver network. Konuralp Tomb, Tombs of Galata, and Ahmet Dede Mausoleum Cumayerı important tombs of Düzce.
Düzce - Demirciönü Nature Preserve
Location: Western Black Sea Region, Duzce province, is located within the boundaries of the town of Akcakoca. Field: 430 ha. in size.
Transportation: Akçakoca 10 km. away.
Features: the area include beech, hornbeam, chestnut and oak species in the pure place, in places, mixed and productivity to create the optimum rainfall areas of unspoiled natural features, as well as to set an example of the rich flora and fauna in a sub-feature has the potential sahipyöre a rare ecosystem.
Beech, hornbeam, chestnut, oak, poplar, linden, alder and wild hazelnut, forest rose, bearberry, blackberry, strawberry, forest ivy, nettles, and the main plant species of pasture grasses in the field.
The area include bear, wild boar, fox, rabbit, wolf, coyote, deer, partridge, eagle, crow, wild pigeons, hawks are.
LAKES and Düzce Düzce Falls
Efteni Lake: Lake Efteni height of 100 meters, lies within the borders of Düzce and Gölyaka'nın. Duzce 14 km. south-west, at the foot of Mountain chain of the malar Asar, Uğur, Small Melen water and fresh water lake in the side streams are created. Efteni Lake, located on a major migration route of migratory birds and is one of the few centers. Lake, in 1992, the Ministry of Forestry, Hunting and Wildlife Protection General Directorate of National Parks have been obtained by the protected status, are prohibited.
Which houses about 150 kinds of waterfowl species in the lake, Swan, Cormorant, Flamingo, Water Chicken, Boz Goose, Mallard Duck, Clumsy Meke, Sumru, Lapwing, Snipe, Fish Eagle, Heron, Snake Neck, Ruddy of the most striking species of birds . Lake Efteni around the lake, visitors can learn to watch birds with Terraces is a promotion center.
Güzeldere Falls: Güzeldere Falls, within the boundaries of the town of Düzce Düzce Golyaka 28, and 16 km from Gölyaka'ya Güzeldere Falls 135 m. in height and has a privileged location in the area aesthetically.
Samandere Waterfall (Natural Monument) south of Düzce, 26 km from the city center. Samandere from within the boundaries of the village and caused by natural phenomena with features of the Samandere Falls, the Ministry of Forestry, "Natural Monument" was registered as. Samandere, including the 500-meter waterfall along the river, ancient trees, waterfalls and 1 in 3 pieces, called Crucible is a deep part.
Akcakoca: the north and the Black Sea coast in the charming town of Duzce Akcakoca, a resort and tourism paradise. Draw attention to the natural structure of the Black Sea coast during the summer months in this district, and a lot of people living in districts frequented by tourists, especially the environment. This beach city a large number of hotels, guest houses, camping, and restaurants serving tourists.
Melenağzı Village and Beach: 13 km to the west of Akçakoca'nın very important to the fishing village of Melenağzı. Melen River into the Black Sea through the village, the appearance of a natural harbor where fishing boats are housed. It is possible to travel by boat along the River. Wide beaches along the coast, tea houses, and camping areas are found in casinos.
Karaburun village and the beach: 10 km from the town of Akcakoca. away. Karaburun nested occurrence of green and blue beach, natural beach, cute houses and boarding houses, tea houses, restaurants and places of recreation and entertainment gazinolarıyla summer, the most prominent.
Edilli Mouth Beach: natural forest and the sea and wide beaches in this area almost hug each other, especially in an ideal environment for those looking for a quiet place.
Çayagzi Kumpınar and Akkaya Village: Black Sea Eregli on the road, 7 km east from the center of Akcakoca and extensive natural beaches along the coast are very popular in this region, can be fishing in streams flowing across forests. Walking in the forest and picnic areas are also suitable for hunting birds in the region.
8 km from the town of Duzce Akcakoca. Fakıllı Cave in the southeast of the village of Fakıllı interest. The cave, 1 meter high, 15 meters long, can be reached in a gallery. To protect natural features and galleries in various directions are still in the cave, stalactites and stalagmites are of interest.
Kocayayla-Urban Plateau, Plateau Odayeri, Torkul Plateau, Heel Plateau, Plateau Kardüz important plateaus of Düzce.
LOCAL DISHES in Duzce, Duzce gone WHAT TO EAT?
Local food in the province of Duzce, the Albanian Dim Sum, Delete, Pastry, Göbete and Dumplings, Folding, Yellow Burma and Water Pastry, Pastry and Dessert of the Bosniak, pancakes, and chicken Höşmerim Keşkeği, Leps, Mamursa and Halujları, include the Black Cabbage Dinner and Corn Bread.
Road: two of the largest province of Duzce in Turkey with the TEM motorway linking Istanbul to Ankara and it was on the road and have easy access to E-100.
By Sea with the Black Sea town of Düzce City Akcakoca is opened, the shelter Akcakoca scaffolding used for commercial purposes. However, passenger and freight transport is made by sea.
Let Düzce gone WHAT?
Things that can be taken as the region's most important agricultural product in Düzce, which include nuts and tobacco cologne.
WHAT TO Düzce gone? Do not Leave Without!
Akcakoca Genoese Castle, strolling around,
Butter trout Aydinpinar town without eating,
Visiting the Museum Konuralp,
Bird Paradise with waterfall and seeing Efteni Güzeldere,
Kaynaşlı'da barbecue meat-making,
Hazelnut-tobacco cologne, without
.... Dönmeyin.

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